Meteorites at the Montshire Museum of Science

As part of my postdoctoral work, I am developing programming focused on meteorites, asteroids, and the solar system…

Diagram illustrating the difference between a Meteoroid (a small body in the solar system that could collide with Earth), a Meteor (a small extraterrestrial body falling through Earth's atmosphere), and a Meteorite (a small extraterrestrial body that has landed on Earth). Please feel welcome and encouraged to use this original image for your own outreach efforts!

I recently developed a new meteorite identification key for the Montshire’s “Meteorites!” activity:

Clicking the image links to a full resolution pdf that you are very welcome to use!

I am piloting a new program called “A Journey to Jupiter” — a 15-30 minute walk along the Montshire Museum’s Planet Trail, where we walk from the Sun to Jupiter, using meteorites to help understand the history of our star and its rocky planets.

Graham standing in a snowy forest next to a post with a silvery metal ball 3 inches in diameter, labeled 'Jupiter'. Graham is white-skinned with a red mustache, wearing a blue beanie hat, a grey jacket, and brown pants.

And I have more new activities in the works!